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          Last Sunday, 十月ober 20, Bay View welcomed girls and their families from across Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts to our annual Fall Open House & Expo. Students from Preschool to Upper School joined us to explore each school's curricula and talk with faculty and staff about the many programs, clubs and athletic sports on offer throughout the Academy. It was a beautiful day for families to explore our lush 15-acre campus, and our guests were guided by an excellent group of student ambassadors, the youngest of whom were drawn from our grade 4 classroom.

          当天的节目包括由海湾景色诗歌一个表现, 首次亮相的两个新视频 探索通过我们学生的眼睛海湾景色,和强大的学生和校友扬声器。正规的程序其次校园参观,动手为低年级的客人,而在我们国家的最先进的运动健身中心,一个大型展会活动,一切从怜悯俱乐部和科学课程,湾景表父母和帆船。 

          还有参观校园的很多机会,探索一切,使得海湾景色独特。 了解详情并注册 今天我们的校园体验之一!

          2019 Open House & Expo

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